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Code: 1SKBD5X1
PMS(cross/with alumimum case)
Code: 1SKBD5X10
PMS (acrylic tray,iron base) A4
Code: 1SKBD5X11
PMS M-L (Single line,with aluminum case)
Code: 1SKBD5X2
PMS (foldway)
Code: 1SKBD5X3
PMS (netty,double)
Code: 1SKBD5X4
PMS (netty,single)
Code: 1SKBD5X5
Iron wire shelf(Iron aire,square header)
Code: 1SKBD5X6
PMS (Iron wire,round header)
Code: 1SKBD5X7
PMS(with iron case) A4
Code: 1SKBD5X8
PMS(acrylic tray,Iron base) A4
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