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Le-tehnika's sales network is an extensive system of direct and indirect sales operations in a number of countries all over the world.

Our products are sold either directly or indirectly as incorporated parts in widened connections and different applications.

The most internationally oriented sphere of activity is the field of telephone accessories, which is also the primary reason for establishing a company in China.

Telecomunications, VoIP, Power accessories
Led Lights 
We are a leading European company for the manufacturing & development of high quality professional LED lighting. Our products include professional street lights, industrial lights, solar street lights and other luminaries of the highest quality.
Marine Hydraulics Systems 
We produce HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS used in sailing boats and yachts to operate: seat - passerela, keel (lifting), anchor arm,... We are specialised in custom design products. We supply complete system with power pack units all hoses, feetings, control units, valves,..., including electrical instalation.
Power accessories 
Electrical appliances are used in everyday's life. Le-tehnika's focus is on accessories which customize electrical products for special demads of certain markets.
We produce mini cryocoolers, specifically JT coolers and Stirling coolers, mostly for usage with IR sensors or detectors. Majority of our cryocoolers are used in surveillance applications...
Telecommunication & Networking 
Le-tehnika is a world leader in production of telephone accessories.In our program you can find high quality products like: ADSL splitters, VDSL splitters and micro filters (Annex A, Annex B, Combo)...
LE-TEHNIKA is a company which produces and sells hydraulic cylinders and other hydraulic components: directional control valves, external gear pumps and motors and components for remote controls (joysticks and cable controls)...
A production and selling range with all the requirements of the most modern pneumatic automation. Our products are synonymous with quality, affordability, and excellence in their performance.
Microscopes are used in deiferent areas of today's life and work: education, medicine, sciencs, production, ect. We can offer you several types of microscopes and its accessories. They are of high quality, with a 5-year-warranty.
Optical Communications 
Optical communications are communications of the future that have been going on today. They bring a new approach with new and different parts. Le-Tehnika is manufacturer and distributor of passive and active optical components as are fiber optic connectors, fiber optic patch cables, pig-tails, different types of splice cassettes, fiber optic joint closure, fiber media converters,…

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