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Power and TV antena overvoltage protector
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Surge protections protects TV equipment against overvoltage surges, which results from atmospheric and other electrical discharges. Overvoltage surges are transferred over power lines and antenna. Surge protection consists of power line protection and coaxial line protection.

Power line and coaxial line are protected between lines and to ground, therefore good
grounding is necessary to ensure proper protection level.


Technical data:

Power line
Max. voltage: 250 VAC, 16A, 50Hz
Max. protection level: 650V
Max. surge current:  6000V (10/1000ms),  4500A (8/20ms)

Max. response time: 1ns

Antenna  - koaksial
Max. surge current: 6000V  4500A

Max. response time: 1ns


Connect overvoltage protector to electrical wall socket which have good grounding and antenna. Light on front of protector is signaling the correct operating of protector. During correct operation the light is ON. Finally you connect TV apliance  to the overvoltage protector socket.

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