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Modular wiring jacks

Wiring  modular jacks suitable for telephone and computer industry. Mates to FCC-68 specifications.


Hausing: ABS resin, color black
Contact: Phosphor bronze alloy, gold plated
Wire: AWG 26, 7 strands, UL 1061 E
Insulation: PE


Insulation resistance: min. 10 MOhm
Contact resistance: max. 20 mOhm
Dielectric withstanding voltage: 1000 Vrms, 50 Hz
Current rating: 1,5 A




Standard conductor lenght is 55mm.


We are also able to make wiring jacks according to your request (different lenghts of conductors, colours, crimped with different contacts...)


Code: 2DA050
4p4c;   A=20 mm,   B=10 mm
0.00 EUR
Code: 2DA060
6p6c;   A=20 mm,   B=12 mm
0.00 EUR
Code: 2DA061
6p4c;   A=20 mm,   B=12 mm
0.00 EUR
Code: 2DA062
6p2c;   A=20 mm,   B=12 mm
0.00 EUR
Code: 2DA063
6p3c;   A=20 mm,   B=12 mm
0.00 EUR
Code: 2DB966

6p6c;   A=20 mm,   B=12 mm (not simetrical DEC type)

0.00 EUR
Code: 2DJ088

8 possible contacts, 8 loaded contacts

0.00 EUR
Code: 2DJ100

10 possible contacts, 10 loaded contacts

0.00 EUR

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