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XTL type main body

XTL series Stereo Zoom Microscope with a center zoom control system, it delivers large field of view and big depth of field, long working distance. Designed as a modular system, with all metal construction, and suited for various working conditions, a wide variety of optical lenses and stands are available.


  • Zoom Range: 0.7x-4x
  • Zoom Ratio: 1:5.7
  • Total Magnification: 7-40X standard, 2.1-200X with optional lens
  • Working Distance: 88mm (without Auxiliary Lens), it can be 33-263mm with Optional Auxiliary Lens.
  • Field of View: 1.1-124mm (depending on eyepiece and auxiliary lens used)
  • Interpupillary Distance: adjustable 55-75mm
  • Binocular Tube: inclined 45 degree.
  • Diopter Adjustment: ±5 Diopters
  • Binocular Body: Can be rotated a full 360 degree.
  • Trinocular Body: All of the features of XTS Binocular and provides a vertical phototube for CCD Video and Micro-Photographic system.
Code: 1MI1111

Binocular body  with WF10X Eyepiece (1MI2120)

0.00 EUR
Code: 1MI1112

Trinocular body  with WF10X Eyepiece (1MI2120)

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