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XTS and XTD type Auxiliary Lens

Auxiliary Objective Lens for applications requiring different resolution, magnification, working distance, field of view and depth of view.

For XTS and XTD Series: Objective Outside Diameter 49.5mm, thread Outside Diameter 52mm.


The ring Adapter is for holding the Ring Light, when you use an auxiliary lens, you can fix the ring light on the auxiliary lens. Some times, when you are working with a microscope over heat, steam and particles, you need a ring adapter with a glass.

Code: 1MI2221
Auxiliary Lens: 0,3x; working distance: 314 mm
0.00 EUR
Code: 1MI2222
Auxiliary Lens: 0,5x; working distance: 189 mm
0.00 EUR
Code: 1MI2223
Auxiliary Lens: 0,75x; working distance: 122 mm
0.00 EUR
Code: 1MI2224
Auxiliary Lens: 1,5x (plan achro) ; working distance: 40 mm
0.00 EUR
Code: 1MI2225
Auxiliary Lens: 2x (plan achro) ; working distance: 38 mm
0.00 EUR
Code: 1MI2321
Ring adapter; working distance: 108 mm
0.00 EUR
Code: 1MI2322
Ring adapter with glass; working distance: 108 mm
0.00 EUR

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